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'My work begins from a set of personal concerns, strategies and obsessions. Its manifestations are diverse and created in dialogue with the possibilities of different media and contexts. I In addition to solo initiatives much of my work has been collaborative in some way – I have led the performance group Forced Entertainment since its inception in 1984 and I have worked extensively with photographer Hugo Glendinning as well as creating projects with a range of visual artists, choreographers, programmers and others. Beyond creating new work in many forms I have written and published extensively on new performance and installation in books and in journals including Performance Research, ArtPress and Frieze. I have taught courses and workshops, given lectures and run projects extensively in the UK and in Europe in a variety of contexts, from Das Arts Amsterdam to Tisch in New York and Goldsmiths, London. My collection of short fiction, Endland Stories, was published in December 1998 by Pulp Books whilst Routledge published a selection of critical writing and performance texts, entitled Certain Fragments, in Spring 1999. A third book, The Dream Dictionary (for the Modern Dreamer) was published by Duckworth’s in June 2001.'

Selected Works/Projects (unless otherwise indicated performance works were directed by Tim Etchells and created with the group Forced Entertainment)

2006 The World In Pictures (performance)

2005 Words and Pictures (solo performance) Exquisite Pain (performance)

2004 Bloody Mess (performance)

2003 Insults & Praises (video, collaboration with Vlatka Horvat)

2003 Marathon Lexicon (durational performance curated with Adrian Heathfield)

2003 Empty Stages (photographs with Hugo Glendinning)

2002 The Travels (performance)

2002 The Dream Dictionary (for the Modern Dreamer (Publication. Duckworths)

2001 Institute of Failure (think-tank project with Matthew Goulish)

2001 First Night (performance)

2001 Instructions for Forgetting (performance)

2001 Starfucker (video)

2001 Kent Beeson is a Classic and an Absolutely New Thing (video)

2000 Surrender Control (SMS/interactive)

2000 The 24 (public site installation commissioned by Bradford City Council/The Culture Company. Supported by the Royal Society for Arts, Art for Architecture Award. Realised with Bauman Lyons Architects and Greyworld.)

2000 And on the Thousandth Night… (durational performance)

1999 Who Can Sing a Song to Unfrighten Me? (24 hour performance)

1999 Hotel Binary (five screen video work with Hugo Glendinning)

1999 Certain Fragments Publication. Routledge. ISBN 0-415-173833.

1999 Rules of the Game (text and photo installation with Hugo Glendinning)

1998 Nightwalks (cd-rom commissioned by Photo 98, with Hugo Glendinning)

1998 Dirty Work (performance)

1998 Endland Stories. Publication. Pulp Faction. ISBN 1-901072-126.

1997 Paradise (Internet Project commissioned by Love Bytes/Channel)

1997 Pleasure (performance)

1997 ilthy Words & Phrases (seven hour video made with Hugo Glendinning)

1996 Showtime (performance)

1996 Quizoola! (Durational performance commissioned by ICA Live Arts & National Review Of Live Art)

1996 Frozen Palaces (CD Rom in collaboration with Hugo Glendinning)

1995 Speak Bitterness (performance)

1994/5 Hidden J (performance)

1994/5 Speak Bitterness (Durational Performance/Installation NRLA)

1994/5 A Decade Of Forced Entertainment (Performance/Lecture)

1994/5 Ground Plans For Paradise (installation with Hugo Glendinning)

1994/5 Nights In This City (Site-specific work, Sheffield)

1993/94 Club of No Regrets (performance) 1993/4 12 am: Awake and Looking Down (durational performance NRLA)

1992 Cardboard Sign Photographs (photographs with Hugo Glendinning) 1992 Emanuelle Enchanted (performance)

1991 Marina & Lee (performance)

1987/88 200% & Bloody Thirsty (performance)

1986 (Let the Water Run Its Course)… (performance)

1985/86 Nighthawks (performance)

1984 Jessica in the Room of Lights (performance)

Selected Articles

In one sense never different and in another sense never the same – a critical exploration of the work of solo performer Eva Meyer-Keller in relation to dramaturgy and the construction of narrative and identity. Published in The Politics of re/presentation (Siemens Arts Program, 2006).

Incomplete Alphabet on performance and text in the anthology A Performance Cosmology: Testimony from the Future, Evidence of the Past. Centre For Performance Research/Routledge. 2006.

In the Silences in Free Fall edited by Albrecht Hirche and Kathrin Krumbein. Publication Alexanderverlag, Berlin 2006.

Five Day Lear Performance Research. Publication Autumn 2005.

Some Notes on Documentary Projects, publication in TDR, 2006.

Instructions for Forgetting – performance documentation and annotations. Publication in TDR, 2006.

A Six Thousand One Hundred And Twenty Seven Word Manifesto On Liveness In Three Parts With Three Interludes in Live: Art & Performance. Published: Tate Books/Routledge 2005.

A Text on 20 years with 66 footnotes in Not Even A Game Anymore; The Theatre of Forced Entertainment. Ed: Malzacher/Helmer. Publication Alexanderverlag, Berlin 2004.

Incomplete Alphabet on process and new performance. Theatre Heute, Summer 2004.

Preparing to Write (Six words on Franko B) catalogue essay, 2003.

More and More Clever Watching More and More Stupid (some thoughts around rules, games and The show must go on) Article about Jerome Bel. ArtPress, Speciale: Danse Number 23, 2002. Also published in Dance Theatre Journal, 2003 and in Live: Art & Performance. Published: Tate Books/Routledge 2005.

On The Skids: Some Years of Acting Animals Performance Research On Animals, Routledge 2000.

Permanent Midnight Essay in Small Acts: Performance, the Millennium and the Marking of Time ed Adrian Heathfield, Black Dog Publishing 2000 ISBN 1 901033 570

Valuable Spaces Introductory Essay in A Split Second Of Paradise (Live Art, Installation & Performance) ed Childs/Walwin , Rivers Oram Press 1997.

Repeat Forever, text on the body and performance by Tim Etchells in Shattered Anatomies. Arrtists publication ed. Adrian Heathfield, published Arnolfini Live. ISBN 0 907738540

Losing & Finding by Tim Etchells. A discussion of performance and its work in relation to urban space in the journal/publication TransEuropeenes: 'Theater & the Public Space'.

Here Are 26 Letters, a text on writing and performance in Theater Etcetera. Published by Theaterfestival '97 in Munich. ISBN 3-00-001908-1.

A Decade Of Forced Entertainment performance text by Tim Etchells with photographs by Hugo Glendinning in Performance Research Issue One (Routledge 1996).

Speak Bitterness: Text Fragments Text from the 1995/6 performance in Language aLive Issue One (1996)

Eight Fragments on Theatre & The City by Tim Etchells. A discussion of Forced Entertainment and it's work in relation to urban space in Theaterschrift 10: City/Art/Cultural Identity.

Theatre & The City by Tim Etchells. Discussion of city space and art practice alongside images and texts from Ground Plans For Paradise in Quaterlight Text1/2. Available from The Workstation, Brown Street, Sheffield, S14SP.

I Wanna Be Adored: ICA Live Arts On Tour In The USA: Guardian Newspaper 1996.

Emanuelle Enchanted: Notes and Documents by Richard Lowdon and Tim Etchells in Contemporary Theatre Review British Live Art (Harwood Summer 1994) Ed. Nick Kaye.

Diverse Assembly: Some Trends In Recent British Performance chapter by Tim Etchells in Contemporary British Theatre. (Macmillan Press January 1994) Ed. Theodore Shank.

Red Room: Photographic Documents Hugo Glendinning and Tim Etchells in Art & Design October 1994 New Performance Issue.

Between 1996 and 2006 Tim Etchells’s work toured Germany, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Lebanon, Norway, Italy, USA, Poland, Austria, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, former Yugoslavia, Spain, Australia, and Slovenia (see website for a detailed breakdown)

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