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(all abstracts quoted from Blast Theory's website)
DAY 1 - 6 December 2006

New residents feel unsettled

13 new residents arrived in town today but not everyone received the warm welcome that they had expected. Many spoke of feeling an air of uncertainty as they tried finding their way around town.

DAY 2 - 7 December 2006

New residents flock to Kath’s Café Kath’s Café is seeing a revival of sorts after new residents adopted the diner as their unofficial meeting place.

Ever since the slaughterhouse next door was built three years ago, many locals have avoided the once-popular diner. According to owner, Kath, customers complained it was unsettling hearing animals being slaughtered while they ate.

But the new residents don’t seem to mind.

A dance for your car? Samantha may be a new resident but that’s not stopping her from conducting a little experiment on her own. Her aim: to trade a dance for a car.

She started off her experiment by offering to dance for two men in exchange for a sandwich and a foot rub. By the time we interviewed her, Samantha had managed to get a defibrillator.

“It’s interesting to see what people are willing to give in exchange for something. And hopefully, I’ll be able to get a decent car soon to celebrate my move here!” said Samantha.

Whether Samantha succeeds or not remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, this newcomer is making waves in town!

DAY 5 - 10 December 2006

Hospital seeks public’s help The hospital is appealing for help with a mysterious case. Daodao was found lying just outside the hospital grounds and nothing the doctors at the hospital do seems to be working.

While Daodao’s condition is stable for now, the hospital is unsure whether she would be able to last through the night.

“Any help right now would be good. If you know Daodao, please come down to the hospital right away. She might respond to someone familiar,” said a doctor.

Residents who can help are encouraged to drop by the hospital. Non-residents who know Daodao can arrange for transport into town by contacting the hospital here.

DAY 9 - 14 December 2006

Miracle coffee? Residents have been thronging the Internet Café not for gaming or for surfing the Internet, but for coffee.

The owner of the Internet Café introduced the sale of coffee recently when demand for it increased dramatically. Since then, many residents have been dropping by for a cuppa whenever they can, claiming that the coffee here makes them stronger.

Kai Shi, a fan of this “miracle coffee” says that the more coffee she drinks, the better she feels.

“I was feeling a little ill before coming into the Internet Café. I was sceptical about its effects but after drinking just one cup, I felt much better immediately. Five cups later, I was well enough to go party with my friends!” claims Kai Shi.

Even those who don't drink coffee have been turning up at the Internet Café to have some miracle brew. Emelia, a new convert, didn't even know how to drink coffee before trying it out at the Internet Café. Two cups later, she's hooked. Now she downs three to six cups per visit.

A medical practitioner we spoke to was appalled at the amount of coffee those at the Internet Café having been drinking. “No one should have more than two cups a day!” he advised.

But for now, residents are paying no heed to the doctor's advice. To them, coffee is all they need to feel better in an instant.

DAY 17 - 22 December 2006

Replacement Drummer Found Scandinavian death metal band Annihilation has found another drummer to replace their original drummer Sven who mysteriously disappeared this afternoon.

Crazy Jim, one of the Goths in town for the concert, is the lucky fan who will be making an appearance at tonight's gig.

Though he apparently did not have much time to practice, Crazy Jim outshone hundreds of ‘wannabes' at the auditions held at the Battle of Trafalgar Square earlier this evening. The band was impressed by his quirky drumming style and crowd-rousing stunts.

An excited Crazy Jim said “Tonight's gig is for Sven!”

Annihilation band members are rallying behind Crazy Jim to ready him for tonight even as they continue to hope for Sven's safe return.

DAY 20 - 25 December 2006

Criminal turns hero DJ Raj, who was suspected of murdering new resident Miss Biscuit (see related story), is now a hero in a surprise turn of events involving the fire at the Royal British Legion over an hour ago.

Thanks to DJ Raj’s quick thinking, the fire was put out before it had a chance to rage out of control. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, DJ Raj dashed into the building to put out the fire.

Despite the heat of the inferno, DJ Raj also managed to salvage an oil portrait of Winston Churchill. Unfortunately, the fire claimed two casualties, Trugoy and Scuba Steve, before DJ Raj could reach them. Both succumbed to smoke inhalation.

While the troops praised DJ Raj for his help in putting out the fire, the murder suspect just might not be out of the hot seat yet.

Related stories: - Serial killer suspect nabbed, another on the run (Day 16)

DAY 22 - 27 Dec 2006

Outbreak of violence at Locarno A sudden outbreak of violence erupted at the Locarno in the early hours of the morning. At report time, three deaths have been reported with more than 30 injured.

The violence has since spread swiftly across town (see next story). Troops have moved to close down the ongoing Scandinavian death metal gig at the Locarno, the suspected epicentre of the violence.

While no cause and nor motivation for the violence has been uncovered, the commanding officer of the troops has voiced his suspicion that the outrage is linked to the death metal concert.

Earlier in the evening, some unruly behaviour was reported surrounding the audience at the concert. Popular Scandinavian death metal, Forest of Burning Death, reportedly the last band scheduled to appear on stage left concert-goers waiting in heavy rains and strong winds for more than an hour before an announcement about the cancellation was made.

Related stories: - Unruly crowd at Locarno (Day 20) - The bands play on (Day 19)

Violence at Locarno spreads, 5 dead The outbreak of violence at the Locarno has spread across town even as troops try to disperse the chaotic crowd as uneventfully as possible.

Some Goths and locals were seen scuffling with the troops. They have since been subdued and arrested.

Fires have erupted in a few buildings around town as troublemakers have been throwing Molotov cocktails. Two new residents, Sandman and Max Ernst, were burnt alive in one of the buildings, bringing the total death toll to five.

The troops are still battling to seize control of the situation and are racing to put out all the fires. A colonel has advised all residents to stay off the streets, promising severe consequences for troublemakers.

Vultures patrol town’s edge Residents living at the edge of town reported sightings of loud cawing of hungry vultures circling around the town’s perimeter. This strange phenomenon was first reported three hours ago and residents say the number of vultures has been steadily increasing.

The town’s Bird Watching Society said that they have never encountered such a situation. Scavenger birds by nature, vultures are known to hover around areas where death is rampant or near. Troops and residents alike are keeping an uneasy but watchful eye over the flying harbingers of death.

DAY 23 - 28 Dec 2006

Power cut at hospital A power cut at the town’s hospital has forced troops to evacuate critically ill patients to another location. All other patients will likely have to wait out the power shortage as electricians try to restore power to the hospital.

The power cut occurred just after the outbreak of violence at the Locarno about two hours ago. The power cut is suspected to be the work of vandals who were taking advantage of the growing chaos.

Fighting continues, death toll rises Despite the troops’ efforts at rounding up troublemakers and quelling the outbreak of violence that started at the Locarno (see related stories), the fighting has continued to spread. The death toll has now risen to 9.

The troops have advised all residents to stay at home. They have been seen escorting residents still out on the streets safely to homes.

Related stories: Outbreak of violence at Locarno (Day 22)

Violence at Locarno spreads, 5 dead (Day 22)

Unruly crowd at Locarno (Day 20)

The bands play on (Day 19)

Fire at Timber Yard A fire has broken out at the Timber Yard. This bout of fire is just one of many that have broken out across town, the result of a few troublemakers throwing Molotov cocktails into buildings and destroying cars.

An eye-witness, The Me, told the troops that he had seen two men in business suits running towards the Timber Yard with jerry cans.

“They were quite tall and had a crazed look on their faces. I heard the words ‘torch’ and ‘burn’ as they ran past me. I hope the troops arrest the troublemakers soon,” said The Me worriedly. “It’s not safe out on the streets any more.

The troops’ colonel has assured residents that they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the town. He added that his troops are now actively looking to round up all the troublemakers by dawn. The colonel has appealed to all residents to report anything suspicious that may help in the troops’ efforts.

Related stories: Violence at Locarno spreads, 5 dead (Day 22) Bulletin

DAY 24 - 29 Dec 2006

Cop Shop a disaster zone What was once a proud symbol of justice in the city now lies in near ruins as the battle between troops and troublemakers continues at the Cop Shop. Residents say troublemakers have approached them for help at the Cop Shop but many refused, fearing for their lives.

Even as troops are being mobilised and told to report to the Cop Shop, a few residents have reported that they have had soldiers pleading with them for help in a desperate attempt to control the situation at the Cop Shop. No one has so far responded.

The commanding officer of the troops has advised residents to stay away from the vicinity of the Cop Shop.

Related Stories: Fighting continues, death toll rises (Day 23)

Outbreak of violence at Locarno (Day 22)

Violence at Locarno spreads, 5 dead (Day 22)

Unruly crowd at Locarno (Day 20)

The bands play on (Day 19)

Where have all the new residents gone? New residents who have been streaming into town since yesterday seem to have disappeared suddenly. While fighting and violence continued around the city, a large group of new residents were seen heading towards the Rec where five helicopters were sighted.

Locals passing by the Rec have said that the new residents were ushered onto the waiting helicopters. The locals were apparently chased away by the troops when they started querying about situation. Troops have declined comment.

Many are now curious about the fate of the missing new residents while those left behind contemplate their own fate as the terror and violence escalates.

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