Performing Presence: From the Live to the Simulated

The Presence Project

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A research project managed by

Gabriella Giannachi (Exeter UK) | Nick Kaye (Exeter UK) | Mel Slater (University College London) | Michael Shanks (Stanford USA)

The Presence Project will be running from October 2005 to June 2009

What creates a sense of presence?

- the presence of a live performer ... the presence of the past ... in a memory ... in ruined remains ... the sense of 'being there' in an online community ... in a VR or mixed reality environment ...

The Presence Project is exploring such questions with Lynn Hershman Leeson | Gary Hill | Tony Oursler | Blast Theory | The Builders Association | Ken Goldberg | Paul Sermon

We are also fully documenting a series of performance-research workshops, led by Tim Etchells | Bella Merlin | Vayu Naidu | Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes | Fiona Templeton | Phillip Zarrilli

In 2007 and 2008 The Presence Project conducted two exercises at UCL's CAVE.

The Presence Project, through the Metamedia Lab in Stanford Archaeology Center, affiliated with Stanford Humanities Lab, is currently creating Life to the Second Power, an encounter with the archive of Lynn Hershman Leeson in the online world Second Life. Follow the development of this collaborative project at [link] and (blog) [link].

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Performing Presence - the Conference

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The Presence Project international conference Performing Presence: from the live to the simulated was held at the Centre for Intermedia, University of Exeter, UK, 26-29 March 2009.


Performing Presence: from the live to the simulated was an international and interdisciplinary forum for the exploration of how exchanges of practices, concepts and methodologies between art, performance and new media practitioners, between academic disciplines and between live, mediated and simulated performance may deepen an understanding of the performance of presence.

Keynote speakers:

Keynote presentations included papers, performative events, performance, as well as real/second life forums.


The conference engaged with a wide range of disciplines, art and performance practices, technologies of presence, theory and modes and practices of documentation. Key questions included:

For any enquiries regarding the conference, please contact Linda Dowsett, Performing Presence Conference Administrator, Department of Drama,
New North Road,
EX4 4LA, UK, or click here for [email]. Telephone : +44 (0)1392 262332.

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Presence Project output

print publications

Adams, M., Benford, S. and Giannachi, G. (2008) 'Pervasive Presence: Blast Theory's Day of The Figurines,' Contemporary Theatre Review 18:2 (May).

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project-related publications

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(2007) Lynn Hershman Leeson, Autonomous Agents: A Real + Second Life Symposium, a collaboration between The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester and The Presence Project, coinciding with the major retrospective exhibition Autonomous Agents: The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson, 24 November. [link]


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Steve Benford and Gabriella Giannachi (2008) Temporal Trajectories in Shared Interactive Narratives CHI (Computer Human Interaction), April 5-10, Florence, Italy [link]

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Gabriella Giannachi reviews Day of the Figurines
Gabriella Giannachi reviews Rider Spoke


Simon Jones, Imag(in)ing the Void: Or Hiding in Plain View: Thoughts After Bodies in Flight & Angel Tech's WHO BY FIRE | Mike Brookes, ‘10 thoughts (notes on the construction of a document)’ | Laura Cull and Matthew Goulish, 'A Dialogue on Becoming' | Rajinder Dudrah, 'Diasporic Bollywood Cinema Going as South Asian Presence' | Peter Hulton, 'For Eugenio (Barba): On Archive' | Sita Popat, Presence in Projecting Performance | Robert Wechsler 'Palindrome IMPG Nürnberg, Germany'

We welcome contributions on presence and responses to The Presence Project. Please follow this link to the Presence Forum for more details.

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