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In the Presence Project documentation is approached as a forum in which theoretical, archival and art practices may overlap and reflect on one another; as a place where an interrogation of presence may be acted out and evidenced.

This page provides menus through which key documentations developing across this site can be accessed.

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Paul Sermon, Headroom from Paul Sermon's diary from Taipei (courtesy Paul Sermon).

Our questions include:

What happens to documentation where the 'original' has never been present?
What is the difference between documentation and dissemination?
Should documentation evoke its absent object?
What happens when documentation becomes time-based and ephemeral?
Where does a practice end and its documentation begin?
In what tense does documentation take place?
What happens when documentation produces the work?
Is documentation theory or practice?
Should documentation refuse to evoke its absent object?

extended documentations

Methodology: 6 processes.

performance workshop series

Methodology: 6 workshops in 6 months

forum contributions