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A Hard Heart

Location Los Angeles, California, USA

Son of Semele


Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 6:30 pm


Carla Nassy
Website http://www.myspace.com/filamenttheatrecompany
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About the play

The play begins in the midst of war. The enemy and country are nameless, yet we identify with them, nonetheless. Praxis, the Queen, summons the help of Riddler, the genius, as the country's last hope for survival.  What will the country have to sacrifice for the Riddler's strategies that seem to jeopardize, instead of protect, their very existence?

A Hard Heart is a thrilling masterpiece of visceral language and volatile ideas. What will be the price of our survival?

About the company

Filament Theatre Company is a Los Angeles based company of colloborative artists who seek to develop challenging and topical work for theatre. Our work seeks to provide our audience with unique and personal perspectives on our modern mythology and folklore embedded within our cultural identity.


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