By Antonin Artaud

Performed by
2nd Year Drama Students
in the
Roborough Studio, University of Exeter.
Directed by Stephen Hodge

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Photos by Stephen Hodge

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    Programme Note:
    In 1928 the composer Edgard Varèse began work on the five movement opera, I'Astronome. Set in the year 2000 A.D. the plot was rooted in an apocalyptic vision of Sirius crashing into the Earth. After struggling with the piece Varèse passed the scenario to Antonin Artaud in early 1933. There is no more firmament, eight pages of dense and complex directions, is the result of Artaud's work. It remains incomplete, as he only finished four out of the five movements.

    There have been a number of stages to our creative process:

    The opening sequence of Movement I is accompanied by Edgard Varese's Arcana (1925-27).

    Material devised from Artaud's text & performed by:
    Kirsty Alien, Sophi Berridge, Nina Brazier, Paula Burton, Rose Curnew, Miranda Harris, Charlotte Hays, Louise Hurt, Will McGeough, Flair May, Rachel Payant, Ben Pester, Kevin Riddle, Jenni Ruddle, Julie Thomson-Hill, Mark Tweed, Kate Wasserberg, Chryssa Zindrou
    Facilitated by: Stephen Hodge
    With assistance from: Walter Barbieri & Pam Woods
    Costume: Nina Brazier
    Lighting: Sophi Berridge, Rose Curnew, Ben Pester, Julie Thomson-Hill, Mark Tweed, Chryssa Zindrou
    Opening Sequence Lighting designed by: Euan Maybank
    Publicity & FOH: Paula Burton, Miranda Harris, Will McGeough, Rachel Payant
    Sound: Charlotte Hays
    Staging & props: Kirsty Alien, Louise Hurt, Flair May, Kevin Riddle, Jenni Ruddle, Kate Wasserberg
    Wardrobe supervisor: Dawn Canham
    Production manager & lighting designer: Jon Primrose
    Technical assistant: Chris Mearing
    Thanks to:
    Lindsay Buchanan, Peter Caine, Harold Hutchings, Les Read, lan Mitchell, David Incledon, Olivia Pegrum. James Brown. J. Sainsbury Exeter. The Recycling Centre.

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