"How does a philsopher set about working on a philosophical problem?"

The Bald Soprano
Eugene Ionesco

7pm, Tuesday January 20
6pm and 9pm, Wednesday January 21 2004
Roborough Studio

CAST (in order of appearance)

A Figure... and (later) Mary, the maid Jeungsook Yoo
Mrs Smith Katie Beswick
Andrea Turner
Chris Parker
Mr Smith Dan Canham
Pia Thum
Sarah Tilley
Mrs Martin Leena Gardiner
Rachel Pollard
Emily Mundy
Mr Martin Jenna McCaffery
Natalie Curston
Gayle Baird
The Fire Chief Electa Behrens

The production runs approximately one hour and thirty-five minutes without an interval.

"Perhaps it is philosophically misleading to talk of knowing objects at all. It may be possible to show that what appears to be an instance of knowing some object always comes down to knowing that something is the case. What is known, in this sense, must be true, whereas what is believed may very well be false. But it is also possible to believe what is in fact true without knowing it. Is knowledge then to be distinguished by the fact that if one knows that something is so, one cannot be mistaken? And in that case does it follow that what is known is necessarily true, or in some other way indubitable?"
A.J.Ayer (1910-88) The Problem of Knowledge (1956)
British philsopher - a leader of the Logical Positivists

The original production fo La Cantatrice Chauve was at the Theatre des Noctambules, May 11 1950.

A semester-end project with 2nd year BA and MA Physical Performance students engaged in the Performer Training module. In the module students are involved in daily training in psychophysical practice through Asian martial arts and yoga, applied to performance problems.

Lighting and technical assistance by 2nd year BA students in the Theatrecrafts module.

Direction / facilitation - Phillip Zarrilli
Assisted by: Tara McAllister-Viel, Jeungsook Yoo
Technical Supervision - Jon Primrose

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