Poster artwork by James Walters
The Beau Defeated

By Mary Pix

Judy Preston
Mrs Fidget - Judy Preston

"I will have a title, and a name, that's resolved; a name that shall fill the mouth."
Mrs Rich. ACT 1

"He should be genteel, yet not a bean; witty, yet no debauchee; susceptible of love, yet abhorring lewd women..... mightily in love with me, and not so much as know I am worth the clothes I wear."
Lady Landsworth. ACT 1


Everyone is on the make in Mary Pix's comedy, The Beau Defeated. A biting satire on the social aspiration, the play follows two women in their search for respectable husbands. The unfortunate Mrs Rich makes a desperate attempt to land herself an aristocratic husband. For witty Lady Landsworth, the problem is to discover whether the man she loves is quite as good as he looks. From the nobles to the servants, no-one is what they appear to be. Imposters are unmasked, confidences betrayed and a great deal of money changes hands as the story careers towards its disasterous conclusion.

As popular in her day as male playwrights like Congreve, Mary Pix's play has not been produced for over a century. Second year students from the Drama Department have taken some liberties in their version of this light-hearted social critique.

James Walters
Sir John Roverhead - James Walters
The Company
Mrs Rich
Lady Landsworth
Mrs Fidget
Mrs Trickwell
Lady La Basset
Mrs Clerimont

Lady Ann

Sir John Roverhead
Clerimont Jnr
Mr Rich
Elder Clerimont

Lord Are
Barbara Wiltshire
Kate Coleman
Emma Wilby
Judy Preston
Andrea Smith
Kate Smillie
Amy Lucas
Naomi Ludlam
Heather Cousins
Louise Thorndycraft

Belinda Cornish
Naomi Ludlam
Korina Haritou

James Walters
Celilia Baker
Suhel Ahmed
Simon Phillips
Owen Bleasdale
Brian Edwards
Tim Knight
Gary Diggines
Adam Oxford

Brian Edwards
Tim Knight
James Walters
Adam Oxford

Costume Designs by Rob Davidson (Third Year Technical Specialisation)

The set under construction
The set under construction in Roborough Studio

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Barbara Wiltshire and Kate Coleman
Mrs Rich (Barbara Wiltshire) and Betty (Kate Coleman)

Simon Phillips
Clerimont Jnr (Simon Phillips)

Photos by Rob Davidson

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