Time passing
But Can She Bake A Cake
an original production by Second Year Drama Students
co-ordinated by Dee Heddon and Stuart Croskell

Shoe Dance*

Miracle of Flight
Journalists interview Amelia* Janine Southern and Keeley Tauman as Amelia*

Reeta Honkakoski REAL PEOPLE

It is difficult to avoid the 'spectacle of real people' today with the ever growing number of docu-soaps and chat shows flickering across our television screens, and the previously private made increasingly public. Is it our desire to 'know' the lives of these strangers or our own need to take fifteen minutes of fame that makes such programmes so popular? Do we think we're being offered an actual slice of someone else's life which we can then measure against our own? 'Truth' is a powerful concept, and the 'truth' of the personal particularly so. Thus we have the 'real' Princess Diana, the 'real' Clinton/Lewinsky story, the 'real' sexuality of Mandelson and Brown.

Shoe Dance But can you believe what you see?
Can we believe what we say?
Where do you draw the line between Truth and Fiction?

Or, to ask the question another way, what happens when you blur those lines?

Amelia Earhart was born in 1897. In 1932 she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1937 she attempted the furthest ever flight route around the world. Nearing completion of her flight, she disappeared. That's all anybody really knows. But it doesn't stop conjecture. Our representation of Amelia Earhart draws on such conjectures.

The organisation TIGHAR continues to search for clues, spending millions of dollars piecing together Earhart's last journey. In the summer of 1999, TIGHAR intend to undertake an expedition which will see the discovery of conclusively identifiable artefacts and possibly human remains. TIGHAR claim that these will answer at last the question of what 'really' happened to Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart Reetta Honkakoski, Mandy Smith, Janine Southern, Keely Tauman
Fred Noonan: Pete Bannister, Felix Barrett, Tom Church, Tom Lawrence
George PutnamBen Plagerson
Radio Controller: Dave Poulson
'Himself': Pete Bannister
'Himself': Felix Barrett
'Herself': Naomi Birket
'Himself': Tom Church
'Herself': Sally Gibson
'Herself': Reetta Honkakoski
'Herself': Eloise Knight
'Himself': Tom Lawrence
'Himself': Euan Maybank
'Himself': Ben Plagerson
'Himself': Dave Poulson
'Herself': Kate Shortland Eloise Knight
'Herself': Mandy Smith
'Herself': Janine Southern
'Herself': Ginnie Stephens
'Herself': Tina Stubbington
'Herself': Keely Tauman
Ben Plagerson and Felix Barrett PRODUCTION:

Production Manager: Jon Primrose
Co-ordinators: Dee Heddon and Stuart Croskell
SM Supervisor: Stephen Hodge
Stage Managers: Dave Poulson, Ginnie Stephens,
Louise Carter, Emily Casson, Yasmin Gurreeboo
Lighting Design: Pete Bannister; Euan Maybank
Lighting Operator: Kate Holmes
Sound Design: Tom Church, Sally Gibson;
Sound Operators: Bob Capocci, Becky Smith
Props Supervisor: Helen Green Props: Reetta Honkakoski, Tom Lawrence, Janine Southern, Tina Stubbington
Wardrobe Supervisor: Dawn Canham Wardrobe: Felix Barrett, Eloise Knight, Simon Davies, Charlotte Hawkins, Rosie Johnson, Millie Skuse
Publicity: Dave Poulson, Ginnie Stephens
With thanks to :
Lindsay Buchanan, Ice plane people, Bartlett Refrigeration, Props people, Stuart Crohill, Cast of Hamlet, All at the Northcott Theatre, Additional lighting equipment from Stage Electrics

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