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This is an archive of the proceedings of an international conference held in the Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter and organized by Dr Will Higbee and Dr Saer Maty Ba from the University of Exeter. The conference's aim was to explore the current state of theorising and representing diaspora in cinema and new (digital) media. Filmmakers, artists/practitioners and academics were invited to attend.

The Multiplicity Factor in Today's Cinemas: Prof. Hamid Naficy
Digitopia and Spectres of Diaspora: John Akomfrah
Black-,Asian-,and Digital- Times in Diasporic Britain: Dr. Rajinder Dudrah
Interpolating the screen bytes: Roshini Kempadoo
White rhizomes and the racial sublime: Ashwani Sharma
Sound art, sound transformation: Eddie George and Anna Liva
Operation Atropos: Dr. Coco Fuso
Sonic Diaspora and the Listening Skin: Julian Henriques

EDA/RD/03Coco Fusco
Duration: 02:00
Coco Fusco is a New York based interdisciplinary artist and writer in video and performance. She is an Associate Professor at Columbia University. She has performed and exhibited widely and is the author of several books. Her recent work is concerned with the role of female interrogators in the War on Terror.
Duration: 02:08
Edward George and Anna Piva (FlowMotion/Hallucinator) are electronic musicians and sound artists, producing multimedia installations and sound art performances. As Hallucinator they record for the electronic label Chain Reaction (Berlin). Edward George co-wrote the documentary Last Angel of History/Mothership Connection (Channel 4 1995), concerning black (un)popular culture's quest for freedom from the terrestrial into the cosmos.
EDA/RD/01Keynote Presentations
Duration: 04:17
Professor Hamid Naficy
The Multiplicity Factor in Today's Cinemas

Hamid Naficy Hamid Naficy is the John Evans Professor Communication at Northwester University (USA), author of An Accented Cinema: Exilic and Diasporic filmmaking, among other publications. Forthcoming is Cinema, Modernity and National Identity: A Social History of a century of Iranian Cinema.

John Akomfrah
Digitopia and Spectres of Diaspora

John Akomfrah John Akomfrah is a filmmaker, television director and co-founder of The Black Audio Film Collective. He is a BFI Governor. His work includes Martin Luther King - Days of Hope.

Dr. Rajinder Dudrah
Black-, Asian- and Digital-Times in Diasporic Britain

Rajubder Dudrah Rajubder Dudrah lectures in Screen Studies at the University of Manchester where is also Head of Drama. He is author of Bollywood: Sociology Goes to the Movies and co-edits South Asian Popular Culture.

Roshini Kempadoo
Interpolating the screen bytes: critical commentary in the digital media

Roshini Kempadoo Roshini Kempadoo is a digital artist exploring the relationship between the Caribbean and Britain. Her exhibitions include Latitudes: Terres d'Amazonie (Paris) and A Place called Home (Cape Town). She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London.

Julian Henriques
Sonic Diaspora and the Listening Skin

Julian Henriques Julian Henriques is a screenwriter, film director and researcher who has made a number of documentaries for London Weekend Television, BBC and Channel 4. He was the founding editor of Ideology and Consciousness. He teaches at Goldsmiths (University of London)

Ashwani Sharma
White Rhizomes and the racial sublime

Ashwani Sharma Ashwani Sharma is a Principal Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London.

Total Duration is 8 hours and 25 minutes.

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