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This archive contains material which supported the work of the Center for New Dance Development (CNDO) at the turn of the century.

CNDO in Arnhem, Holland developed from its earlier presence in Amsterdam. It was later to become EDDC – the European Dance Development Center. The archive, constructed with assistance from members of EDDC where a mirror archive has been deposited, consists of recordings of interviews, performances and workshops both of the many contemporary dancers visiting the center, and its students. The dialogue with American artists was particularly strong, and many of CNDO’s students have themselves gone on to become known artists in their own right.

The archive is for research purposes only within the University of Exeter.

0.00.00 Keersmaeker: Face
0.05.32 Children dancing in Marseielles
0.17.26 Ikeda
0.54.00 DV8: Never Again
0.56.00 DV8: Strange Fish (Beginning)
1.03.00 Joose: The Green Table (reconstruction)
1.41.00 Bill T. Jones: Still Here
2.38.00 Gailil: Between L
2.47.00 Heini, Roebana: If we could only if we could
2.50.00 Forti: Newspaper
3.09.00 Graham: Night Journey
3.31.00 Halprin: Procession
0.00.00 Pina Bausch: 1980
1.30.00 Wim Vandekeybus: Rosaland
2.15.00 Meredith Monk (Peter Greenaway's film)
0.00.00 Mary Wigman
0.49.00 Kazuo Ohno
0.58.00 Steve Paxton
1.22.00 The History of Dance on film
1.46.00 Ruth St Denis: In White Jade
1.51.00 Ted Shaw: Tillers of the Soil
1.54.00 Nancy Stark Smith and Danny Lepkoff
1.57.00 Mary Fulkerson and Richard Alston
2.14.00 Keersmaeker
3.01.00 Yoshiko Chuma
EDA/CNDO/002CNDO Archive 02
01 Improvisation: Lisa Kraus, Kirstie Simson, Ishmael Houston Jones, Randy Warshaw, Adrienne Altenhaus. SNDO Amsterdam.

02 An improvisational encounter in music and movement: Simone Forti, Misha Mengleberg. SNDO Amsterdam. 21/04/1986

03 Lisa Nelson. SNDO Amsterdam.

04 Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti. SNDO Amsterdam
EDA/CNDO/003CNDO Archive 03
01 Continuation of Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti from 2 – 05

02 Simone Forti

03 Improvisation. Nancy Topf; Alessandro Certini; Yoshico Chuma, Pauline de Groot, Pooh Kay, Julyen Hamilton, Nina Martin. Musician: John Gibson. SNDO Amsterdam

04 Improvisation. Pauline de Groot, Michael Vatcher. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

05 Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, Kirstie Simson and others. SNDO Amsterdam.

06 Improvisation. Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Eva Karczag, Lisa Kraus. Arnhem. 1981 (?)
EDA/CNDO/004CNDO Archive 04
01 Continuation of Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Eva Karczag, Lisa Kraus. Arnhem (1981?) 3-05

02 Improvisation. Julyen Hamilton. SNDO Amsterdam.

03 Swedish Dances. Mary Fulkerson, Richard Alston. SNDO. Amsterdam.

04 Improvisation. Pauline de Groot, Julyen Hamilton, Marsha Paludan, Ria Higler, John Roland, Daniel Smith. SNDO. Amsterdam. 1983.
EDA/CNDO/005CNDO Archive 05
01 Continuation of Improvisation. Pauline de Groot, Julyen Hamilton, Marsha Paludan, Ria Higler, John Roland, Daniel Smith. SNDO. Amsterdam. 1983. 4-04

02 Gentle Fighter. Mary Fulkerson, Claude Cosette, Sandra Hartmeyer, Trudies Cone, Setty V.D.Vlag, Marjalijan Sinkk, Llonneke Klinkeen Berg. SNDO Amsterdam. 1987 plus Improvisation. Simone Forti.
EDA/CNDO/006CNDO Archive 06
01 Improvisation. Simone Forti, Susan Rethorst; Z’EV, Simone Forti; Simone Forti, Fast Forward, Ishmael Houston Jones, Susan Rethorst

02 80 Takes. Yoshiko Chuma, Tom d’Augremont. SNDO. Amsterdam. 1983.

03 Quarter Dance. Lisa Kraus. Solo. Lisa Kraus.

04 Woodstory. Katie Duck, Pauline de Groot, Michael Vatcher. Koestraat Studio. Amsterdam. 1984
EDA/CNDO/007CNDO Archive 07
01 Orange Nonsense Workshop. Steve Paxton and Students of SNDO. Amsterdam.

02 Continuation of above workshop.
EDA/CNDO/008CNDO Archive 08
01 Continuation of Orange Nonsense Workshop. Steve Paxton and Students of SNDO. Amsterdam. 7- 01

02 Improvisation. S.Forti, L.Kraus, Pauline de Groot, Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, R. Rolland plus others. SNDO Amsterdam. 1983

03 Solo. Stephanie Skura. SNDO. Amsterdam

04 Duet. Dance Noise – Anne Lobst, Lucy Sexton. SNDO Amsterdam

05 Goldberg Variations plus interview. Steve Paxton
EDA/CNDO/009CNDO Archive 09
01 Les Dames Blanches. Mary Fulkerson, Susan Foster

02 Improvisation. Eva Karczag, Malcolm Goldstein

03 Improvisation. Karen Nelson, K.J.Holmes Felice Wolfzahn. CNDO Arnhem. 1990 (?)

04 Nil

05 Host. Carmelita Tropicana. PS 122. NY.

06 Solo. Tristan Honsinger. SNDO. Amsterdam
EDA/CNDO/010CNDO Archive 10
01 Dances for Prepared Body. Mary Overlie and students at CNDO. Anya Ehrenberg, Anette Gabriel, Cristina Benedita, Imela Wiemann, Kevin Dosch, Lizelot de Stigter, Sabine Maroske. Arnhem. 1995

02 Goldberg Variations. Steve Paxton. Improvisation. Steve Paxton, Eva Karczag. CNDO Arnhem. 15/03/1990

03 Solo Jim Fulkerson. SNDO Amsterdam
EDA/CNDO/011CNDO Archive 11
01 Variety Show. Ishmael Houston Jones, S.Skura, Dance Noice, Z’EV, D.Moss, M.Overlie, C.Svane, J.Flier, M.Frulkerson, A.Hougee, Fast Forward, N. Duveen, Pauline de Groot, P.Langland, Mona, K.Finley, Y.Chuma, Ria Higler, Wendell Beavers and students. SNDO Summer Course. Amsterdam. 1988.

02 Dance Noise, Marina Abramovic and Ulay (Light/Dark. 1977), Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, Walter Verdin(video), Fumiyo Ikeda (performer) (Monoloog. 1989)
EDA/CNDO/012CNDO Archive 12
01 So’um bocadinho and Louca-Louca sensacao de Viver. Clara Andermatt. 1990/ 1991

02 Yellow Whale. Pauline de Groot. Music. Mathew Keiser. 1983

03 An Interpretation of SNDO. Cathy Weiss. SNDO Amsterdam. 1989 (?)
EDA/CNDO/013CNDO Archive 13
01 Workshop. Judy Padow with students from SNDO. Amsterdam. 21/01/1983

02 Private copy

03 Credits

04 Workshop Showings. Karen Finley and students at SNDO. Amsterdam. 1988
EDA/CNDO/014CNDO Archive 14
01 Nina Martin

02 Regenmakers. Pauline de Groot. Credits at end of recording. Amsterdam. 1968 (?)

03 Woodwork. Pooh Kay. SNDO. Amsterdam.

04 Contact in Geneva. S.Paxton. K.Simson. S.Forti and another.

05 Pooh Kay Summer Dance Workshop and ZDK Workshop. SNDO Amsterdam.

06 Improvisation. Russel Dumas

07 New Music Concert. Christian Marclay, Z’EV, Fast Forward, M.Goldstein, D.Moss, J.Gibson. Amsterdam
EDA/CNDO/015CNDO Archive 15
01 Four Solos. Daniel Lepkoff. CNDO. Arnhem. 1990 (?)

02 Incidental Light. Russel Dumas, Pauline de Groot and others. SNDO Amsterdam (?)

03 New Music Concert. P.Oliveroi, D.Goode, F.Forward, A.Tilanus, J.Gibson, ZE’V, M.Goldstein, D.Moss and others. Amsterdam
EDA/CNDO/016CNDO Archive 16
01 Karen Finley’s workshop. SNDO Amsterdam. 1988

02 Performances. Karen Finley. SNDO Amsterdam. 1988

03 Wing. Miranda Tufnell, Sylvia Hallett, Caroline Lee, 23/11/1992.
EDA/CNDO/017CNDO Archive 17
01 Improvisation Dance and Music. A.Certini, C.Zerbey, F.Poelstra, I.Houston Jones, Julyen Hamilton, K.Duck, K.Simson, M.Pespan, Groot, T.Royackers, T.Honsinger, W.Wierbos and others. Pauline de Groot Studio, Amsterdam,. 12/05/1986

02 Tony Thatcher and Group, Mariangela Pespani, Maite Valpano and others. Heet Veem. Amsterdam. 17/10/1986

03 Credits.
EDA/CNDO/018CNDO Archive 18
01 Performance and Process. Guy Cassiers, John Gilbert Coleman, Jaap Flier, Mary Fulkerson. Music: John Gilbert Colman. Dancers: Katrine Kirsebom Pettersen, Frans Trepels, Agaath Bruin, Jetty Van Der Vlag, Camilla Gronneberg, Heli Taimisto, Anne Katrine Kallmoes, Eve Mills, Tuomo Juhani Kangasmaa. Costumes: Hilde Vanhalst.
EDA/CNDO/019CNDO Archive 19
01 3 Dances. A film by Gene Friedman. Music: John Herbert McDowall. With Alex Hay, Deborah Hay, Steve Paxton, Judith Dunn. 1964.

02 Water Motor. Trisha Brown. 1978

03 The Mind is a Muscle. Yvonne Rainer. 1978

04 Alex Hay; Robert Rauschenberg, Alex Hay, Deborah Hay; Steve Paxton, Alex Hay and others. 1964 (?) Film by Gene Friedman. Music: John Herbert McDowell

05 Contact Tape. Steve Paxton, Danny Lepkoff, Barbara Dilley, David Woodberry, Laura Chapman, Nancy Stark Smith, Mark Peterson, Emily Siege, Nita Little, Leon Felder, Tim Butler, Curt Siddall, Tom Hast, Mary Fulkerson, Karen Radley
EDA/CNDO/020CNDO Archive 20
01 Storm. Lisa Nelson. Followed by discussion. CNDO Arnhem 1991

02 Ballroom. Lisa Nelson and Daniel Lepkoff. CNDO Arnhem. 1991

03 Solo Man. Daniel Lepkoff. CNDO Arnhem. 1991.

04 Discussion about the above three dances with Lisa Nelson and Daniel Lepkoff. CNDO Arnhem. 1991.

05 Solos. Karen Finley. SNDO. Amsterdam. 1988.
EDA/CNDO/021CNDO Archive 21
01 Betsy Hulton – shots from class – and Mary Fulkerson. CNDO Arnhem. 1990

02 Benoit Lachambre workshop. CNDO Arnhem. 1992.
EDA/CNDO/022CNDO Archive 22
01 Interview with Steve Paxton and Kul Lewen at Vlamms Theater Instituut. 1990.

02 Pauline de Groot. Dance Teacher. Documentary. AHK-SNDO- BEELMEDIA. Includes section from Glass Mountain (1987). 1989.

03 Curtain. Mary Fulkerson, with Amelia Bentes and Peter Michael. Music: David Fulkerson. Including Trailer. CNDO Arnhem.

04 Dancing to a song. Ishmael Houston Jones. CNDO Arnhem (?)

05 Duet. Stephanie Skura and Jennifer Green. CNDO Arnhem.
EDA/CNDO/023CNDO Archive 23
01 Karen Finley Workshop. Ursula Ritter, Jetty v.d.Vlag, Eve Mills, Camila Grunenberg, Lucienne v.d.Honing, Nelly v. Berkel. SNDO Amsterdam (?) (1989).

02 Workshop Performances. Mimi Goese. CNDO Arnhem. 1990/1991.
EDA/CNDO/024CNDO Archive 24
01 Whose Wings are those? Mary Fulkerson, Ursula Ritter, Suzanne Brian, Markus Kutchenbuch, Joao Neno, Tony Thatcher. CNDO Arnhem.

02 Continuation of Mimi Goese’s workshop from 23-02. CNDO Arnhem. 1990/1991.
EDA/CNDO/025CNDO Archive 25
01 Solo Jana Haimsohn SNDO Amsterdam 1988

02 Whose wings are those? Mary Fulkerson. Close Ups. CNDO Arnhem.
EDA/CNDO/026CNDO Archive 26
01 Ceases still I see. Kumiko Kumiko with Peter Michael Dietz, Suzanne Brian and Joao Neno. CNDO Arnhem. 1990

02 Signo Nu. Joao da Silva jr. with Daniele Albanese, Lisa Cullen, Rainer Knupp, Yun Yung Kim. Music: Ruth von Mengersen. EDDC Dusseldorf. 1997.

03 Goldberg variations. Steve Paxton. A video of Walter Verdin.

04 Come Live with me and you’ll know me. Rachel Kaplan. Eva Tremel, Johanna Tuukkanen, Le Kondrup, Sabine Maroske. Music: Peter Whitehead, Video: Lisa Swenon, Lighting: Bram Allard, Photo: Nina Glaser. CNDO Arnhem 1997.
EDA/CNDO/027CNDO Archive 27
01 Malade relation, Thot, Black Venus. Annelie David with Gaelen Hanson, Mette Kristensen, Sidset Pape, Annika Sarvela, Bettina Tornau. CNDO Arnhem 1992

02 Scratch – n - sniff. Toch – n – feel. Dianne Torr with Wiebke Brinkmann, Nicole Hartmann, Olof Ingo’lfsdo’ttir, Regina Shabani-Buchschartner. CNDO Arnhem. 1993
EDA/CNDO/028CNDO Archive 28
01 Podere (Why here, why now) and Hyoide. Lee Saunders . CNDO Arnhem 03/05/1993.
EDA/CNDO/029CNDO Archive 29
01 Rite. Tony Thatcher. Musiekgroup de Ereprijs. Director Wim Megens. CNDO Arnhem.
EDA/CNDO/030CNDO Archive 30
01 POI POI Matthijs Wils. CNDO Arnhem.

02 Light. Mary Overlie. SNDO Amsterdam. 1989. Country. Mary Overlie with Remco Goris, Gaelen Hanson, Sami Solpakivi, Anne Raisanen, Annika Sarvela. CNDO Arnhem 1992
EDA/CNDO/031CNDO Archive 31
01 Eden. Mary Fulkerson with Howard Katz, Lincoln Giles, Marcus Grolle, Joao da Silva jr, Catrina von Radecki, Eve Mills. Music James Fulkerson. Dramaturg: Susanne Schlichter. CNDO Arnhem. 1996.

02 The Medial Body. Ursula Ritter Gratvel, Crosby McCloy and Excerpts. Sasha Powell. CNDO Arnhem 01/12/1995
EDA/CNDO/032CNDO Archive 32
01 Somewhere dies a camel. Ishmael Houston Jones with Carsten Wiedeman, Kaisa Korala, Susanne Brian, Els de Wachter, Fritzi Wessely, Dijanne van Engelen and Straight from N.Y. Dance Noise with the above dancers. CNDO Arnhem. 1991.
EDA/CNDO/033CNDO Archive 33
01 Spring Loaded. Miranda Tuffnel.

02 Eva Karczag and Ros Bandt. Music Warren Burt. Poet: Chris Mann. Dance House Melbourne. Australia. 11/10/1992 and Horizon, a dance video poem by Michelle Mahrer, with Eva Kaczag. 1996

03 Credits for Horizon
EDA/CNDO/034CNDO Archive 34
01 Freefall – Gaby Agis, with Emily Barney, Lucy Fawcett, Charlotte Zerbey. January 1992

02 Dark Hours and Finer Moments. Gaby Agis and Douglas Hart, with Gaby Agis, Claire Bush, Carolyn Roy, Margery Segal, Sasha Waltz. 1994

03 Simplesmente. Amelia Bentes with Peter Michael Dietz. Music: Paul Ribeiro. Voice Silvia Benedito. Dun Da Mental. Amelia Bentes with Peter Michael Dietz. Performers: Alexandra Dederichs, Peter Michael Dietz, Veronica Monestel Chaves, Tebby Ramasike, Cecilia Vallejos. Poem: Pablo Neruda.
EDA/CNDO/035CNDO Archive 35
01 Sabao de Toilette. Amelia Bentes with Peter Michael Dietz and Mario Alfonso. Passionate Fraud. Amelia Bentes with Peter Michael Dietz, Laura Lopez Torrellas, Phillip Smith, Johanna Tuukkanen, Dieter Rehberg. CNDO Arnhem March 1995

02 Framework Workshop with Jaap Flier. EDDC. Dusseldorf. March 1997

03 Solo Exercises. Keith Terry. 1993

04 No Mother, the motion alone is not enough, I must hear the feet. Yun Jung Kim and Hyo Jung Kim. CNDO Arnhem. April 1995
EDA/CNDO/036CNDO Archive 36
01 .....Makes sense. Eszter Gal with Attila Dora. Tik Tak Toe. Eszter Gal with Reka Szabo. CNDO Arnhem

02 Following Socrates. Amos Hetz. Solo. James Saunders. Improvisation. Steve Paxton. Solo for Steve and Bill. Eszter Gal. Solo. Eva Karczag. CNDO Arnhem. 11/02/1994
EDA/CNDO/037CNDO Archive 37
01 Codfish into the North Canoe. Stephanie Skura with Gaelen Hanson, Lionel Popkin, Eszter Gal, Tamami Yamada, Paula Careto, Cynthia Rodenheiser, Tanya Bieringa, Csilla Lakatos. CNDO Arnhem
EDA/CNDO/038CNDO Archive 38
01 Jo Ha Kyu Yoshiko Chuma. St Marks. N.Y. 23/02/1993

02 Opera Popincourt. Yoshiko Chuma. 1986

03 Catastrophe and Beguilement. Diana Torr. 16/03/1988

04 7 Doodzonden. Guy Cassiers, Tony Thatcher. CNDO Arnhem. 1996
EDA/CNDO/039CNDO Archive 39
01 Choreography. Benoit Lachambre. 1990

02 Disfigure Study. Meg Stuart. 1991
EDA/CNDO/040CNDO Archive 40
01 Ear to Ground. Yvonne Meier with Guy Yarden. 1988.

02 Eye. James Saunders. Tanzprosehte Koln

03 Excerpts 1993, 1995, 1996. Clara Andermatt

04 Mechanics of the Brain. Sally Silvers and Henry Hills. 1997.
EDA/CNDO/041CNDO Archive 41
01 A film by Adrienne Altenhaus. SNDO Summer School Amsterdam. 1989 The Body Snatchers. Yvonne Meier with Jennifer Monson, Ishmael Houston Jones, Jennifer Lacey, Almon Grimsted. St Marks. NY 1988-1989

02 Hush Hush. Sally Silvers. 1998

03 Space, Time and Beyond. Marie Chouinard.
EDA/CNDO/042CNDO Archive 42
01 Forti and Goldstein 30/10/1988

02 Ursa’ door. Jennifer Monson. St Mark’s Church NY

03 Jerry Hunt
EDA/CNDO/043CNDO Archive 43
01 Human Voice. Yoshiko Chuma. St Mark’s Church. NY

02 Composition/ Choreography project. Jim Fulkerson and Tony Thatcher. CNDO Arnhem 1997.
EDA/CNDO/044CNDO Archive 44
01 The Bad Play. Stephanie Skura Company.

02 Amsterdam Summer Session. Adrienne Altenhaus. SNDO Amsterdam. 1989.
EDA/CNDO/045CNDO Archive 45
01 Super Jack. Benoit Lachambre.

02 Nomad Damu. A dance work of the senses. Karen Nelson with Cornelia Blattler, Nadia Cunimano, Hannu Huuskouen, Karen Nelson, Ashley Russell. Boreas Farm. USA. CNDO. 1995.

03 Knife – tape – rope. Ishmael Houston Jones. PS122. NY.
EDA/CNDO/046CNDO Archive 46
01 In Concert. Fast Forward, Z’EV, Malcolm Goldstein, Jim Fulkerson, Daniel Goody.John Gibson, Tristan Hohnsinger, David Moss, Pauline Oliveros, Alban Tilhaus. SNDO Amsterdam.
EDA/CNDO/047CNDO Archive 47
01 A new Dance for Seven People. Deborah Hay. Austin Texas. USA. 1993

02 Ear to Ground Festival. Jennifer Monson and John King and others. NY. 1988
EDA/CNDO/048CNDO Archive 48
01 Shutter. Randy Warshaw. NY1992

02 8, letter from eight. Yoshiko Chuma. The School of Hard Knocks. NY. Oct. 1993. Solo. Charlotte Serby. Hudson Church. NY Dec. 1993
EDA/CNDO/049CNDO Archive 49
01 Susan Rethorst with Ellen Johannessen, Ana Maria Gaborz, Kora Green, Momana Ondra. SNDO Amsterdam. 1989

02 Excerpts. Stephanie Skura.

03 Credits
Date: 01 Jan 1992
Over twelve months, between 1991 and 1992, the Center for New Dance Development (CNDO) in Arnhem, The Netherlands and the Arts Documentation Unit, Exeter, U.K. collaborated to interview a cross-section of artists, associated with New Dance, who were visiting the Center from the United States and Europe, asking them to describe in detail their work and its leading edge - to articulate their concerns and to refer to the information they were drawing upon for its development. Artists were interviewed both by the Center's students and by its staff. The statements - often individual and detailed - provide a unique record of a dance community of people, thought and action moving towards the 21st century.

Aat Hougée, Benoit Lachambre, Christine Svane, Carmelita Tropicana, Deborah Hay, Diane Torr, Ellen Barlow, Eva Karczag, Frans Poelstra, Guy Cassiers, Ishmael Houston Jones, Jim Fulkerson, José Gill, Jerry Hunt, Jennifer Monson, K.J.Holmes, Lisa Kraus, Lisa Nelson, Lee Saunders, Mary Fulkerson, Mimi Goese, Mary Overlie, Meg Stuart, Naomi Duveen, Nancy Stark Smith, Nol Tilanus, Richard Kerry, Pauline de Groot, Randy Warshaw, Sally Silvers, Simone Forti, Stephanie Skura, Tony Thatcher, Yoshiko Chuma, Yvonne Meier.

Total Duration is 0 hour and 0 minutes.

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