University of Exeter Digital Archives

EXETER DIGITAL ARCHIVES consist of several archives which have been brought together under one imprint in order to acknowledge the dynamic range of contemporary performance practice.
They are available as a resource for performance practice research.

This resource lists the contents of the Exeter Digital Archives and off-air recordings held in the Drama Department, most of which can be viewed online by staff and students on campus. DVD copies are also available in the Postgraduate Suite at Thornlea or in the Special Collections in the Old Library.

This archive currently contains around 2500 hours of material.


  • Only available on campus (click below)


The advanced version of the archive, including streaming videos and additional content, is available only to Exeter students.
If you're a current student, click here to view the advanced version.


Arts Archives
British Asian Theatre Archive
British Grotowski Conference Archive
The Changing Body Archive
Civic Centre Archive
CNDO Archive
Contredanse Archive
Daiwa Butoh Archive
Dance/Body at the Crossroads of Culture Archive
Departmental Archive
Devising Composed Theatre Archive
Foursight Theatre Archive
Giving Voice Archive
Howard Barker Digital Archive
In The Body Archive
International Workshop Festival Archive
London Puppetry Festival Archive
Magdalena Archive
Odin Archive
Performing Presence Archive
RAT Theatre Archive
Re-Presenting Diasporas Archive
Researching Applied Drama, Theatre & Performance Archive
Reserved Grotowski Archive
San Francisco Mime Troupe Archive
Site Performance Archive
South Asian Ethnographic Performance Archive
Theatre Alibi Archive
Theatre Papers


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