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Theatre Papers are concerned with theatre practice and with the processes, perceptions and principles informing such practice. The papers are written by dancers, writers, directors, actors, psychologists, teachers and others. Each paper has been selected for its contribution to the discussion of theatre practice and also for the way in which it relates to other papers within the series.

"...the series as a whole raises any number of provocative questions about much of the experimental work currently taking place in America and Europe. Taken individually, they might seem designed to appeal exclusively to specialists in one or another narrow area. But what is striking is the way in which the problems and concerns of one area overlap with and illuminate those of another. Anybody interested in any one of these papers is likely to find excitement and stimulation from the information and ideas contained in the rest of the series.
The backbone ( ..) is provided by interviews or statements by individual practitioners. These are especially valuable not only for the issues they discuss but as models of theatre criticism. The ease and skill with which theory is consistently related to practical example and experience puts most critical writing about the performing arts to shame."

Performing Arts Journal (Winter 1979 Vol. No. 3 New York)

Editor: Peter Hulton
Assistant Editors: Richard Allsopp, Alan Read, David Williams
Associate Editor: Dorinda Hulton

Papers range in length from 20 pages to 450 pages.

Below are listed the five series of THEATRE PAPERS which were produced between 1977 and 1984, together with the content of each series.

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