Projects provide Forums separate from the main group's Forum. These are ideal for smaller group work, where you might have just a few people from the group needing to work together.

Here are the projects already created for this group:

Research groups


Mediated and Simulated Presence

The Politics of Presence [link]


Extended documentations

Blast Theory

The Builders Association

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Gary Hill

Paul Sermon

Andrea Zapp

Performance workshop series

Methodology [link]

Tim Etchells

Bella Merlin

Vayu Naidu

Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes

Fiona Templeton

Phillip Zarrilli

Life to the second power (L2)

A game-based encounter with the archive of Lynn Hershman Leeson. Follow the development of this collaborative project here - [link]

Open forums

to come