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Chair in Performance Studies, University of Exeter. He was previously Chair in Drama at the University of Manchester . His research focuses on the history of post-war experimental performance, with emphasis on the relationship between theatre and the development of ideas and practices through distinct but related disciplines, including sculpture, architectural theory, conceptual and performance art, aspects of experimental music, installation, video art and video installation. A key theme of his research is relationships between critical practice and the documentation of live events. His publications include:

He has edited special issues of Contemporary Theatre Review and Performance Research and contributed to numerous arts and theatre journals. His research through practice has included the creation of multi-media performances presented in London, Dresden and Beijing. He is Co-Director of the Centre for Intermedia, University of Exeter. His most recent book, Multi-Media: video - installation - performance, is written in dialogue with commissioned documentations by the artists Vito Acconci, Pipilotti Rist, The Builders Association, Fiona Templeton, Studio Azzurro and John Jesurun, and is published by Routledge. Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Nick Kaye's website is [link]

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