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The collaborators

The Presence Project is proud to have built a truly world class team of academics and practitioners. Discussions are ongoing with participating artists to provide for the use of copyrighted work, current and archived, for electronic or conventional publication arising from the project.

Principal Investigators

Nick Kaye, Professor of Performance Studies, Exeter University

Gabriella Giannachi, Senior Lecturer in Drama, Exeter University

Mel Slater, Professor of Virtual Environments, University College London

Michael Shanks, The Omar and Althea Hoskins Chair, Director, Stanford Humanities Lab, Stanford University

Research Team

David Swapp, Project Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, University College London

Marco Gillies, Research Fellow, Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Research Theme, Department of Computer Science, University College London

Peter Hulton, Senior Research Fellow, Exeter University

Laura Cull, AHRC doctoral student, Exeter University

Stefanie Kuhn, AHRC doctoral student, Exeter University

Collaborating Artists and Scientists

Miles Anderson, actor in theatre, television and film.

Moe Angelos, actor/performer, New York.

Blast Theory, mixed reality gaming and performance company, London

Mike Brookes, performance artist and writer, Cardiff UK

The Builders Association, multi-media theatre company, New York

John Cleater, architect, designer and a founding member of The Builders Association, Hudson, New York.

Kyle deCamp, performer and writer, New York.

Constance De Jong, writer and artist, New York.

Dan Dobson, composer/performer, New York.

Tim Etchells, Director of Forced Entertainment, performance and digital media company, Sheffield UK

Norman Frisch, independent dramaturg, New York.

James Gibbs, founder | dbox, New York

Ken Goldberg, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), UC Berkeley

Allen Hahn, lighting designer, New York/Pittsburgh.

Lynn Hershman Leeson, performance and media artist, A.D. White Professor, Art Department, Cornell University

Gary Hill, video artist, Seattle and New York

Julian Maynard Smith, performance artist and co-founder of Station House Opera, London.

Bella Merlin, actress and theorist, Exeter UK

Rizwan Mirza, actor and singer/composer, New York

Vayu Naidu, performance storyteller, Canterbury UK

Tony Oursler, video, installation and digital artist, New York

Mike Pearson, performance artist, Professor of Performance, University of Wales Aberystwyth

David Pence, actor/musician, Maine, USA.

Klaus Seewald, actor and director, Teatre ASOU, Graz, Austria

Tanya Selvaratnam, writer, actor, film producer and activist, New York

Paul Sermon, telepresence artist, Reader in Creative Technologies, Salford University

Tilda Swinton, actor/performance artist, UK

Fiona Templeton, performance artist, New York and London

Marianne Weems, artistic director, The Builders Association, multi-media theatre company, New York

Jeung-Sook Yoo, actress, actor trainer, director, and PhD researcher, Exeter

Andrea Zapp, new media artist, Senior Lecturer in Media Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University

Phillip Zarrilli, Professor of Performance Practice and theatre practitioner, Exeter University

For CAVE performance

Thor Aaargard

Megan Allen

Annie Hudson, performer, London.

Forum contributors

Rajinder Dudrah, Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies, Drama, University of Manchester.

Matthew Goulish, performer and writer, founder member of Goat Island, Chicago.

Simon Jones, Reader in Performance, Depmartment of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television, University of Bristol, co-director and writer, Bodies in Flight.

Sita Popat, Lecturer in Dance in the School of Performance & Cultural Industries, University of Leeds.

Robert Wecshler, Palindrome IMPG N├╝rnberg, Germany.

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