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Nick Kaye: Blob provokes a somatic connection; a bodily identification of internal states. Blob is a body pared down toward a collapse of recognizable features, yet one designed, Oursler emphasizes in his essay of the same name, to remain “a character, an irreducible entity” (Oursler 2007). In setting itself apart visually, however, Blob plays out a migration toward the viewer’s bodily space. Blob, Oursler continues, “never stops moving, moving all around with no place to go”:

The blob’s movements are alien yet oddly familiar. Pulling and stretching. Like peristaltic movement. Like the way things move through your body by contractions which result in locomotion. You understand this is linked to your bowels and intestines, because even though this motion is involuntary, it is conscious on some level. It is essentially a wave, the universal form of energy transmission divided into peaks and troughs like a bad ocean. Unending waves, wave after wave, wash away your shape. Now formless, You are the blob. (Oursler 2007)


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